After Finding Out That Her Fiancé Cheated, Bride Gets Her Revenge at the Wedding

Bride takes revenge on her cheating fiancé
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Marrying the love of your life is one of the happiest moments for every bride – at least, that’s what Casey was expecting when she was going to say “I do!” Unfortunately, she discovered a dark secret about her fiancé just before the start of the ceremony. Was it too late for her to do something about it? Inspiration struck and she decided to get her revenge in front of the altar. In front of all the wedding guests…

Happy Couple

Casey and Alex had been together for six years, before they were ready to get married. They were a happy couple and never had any problems in their relationship. They never had the fights or arguments other couples had, and both of them believed they were the luckiest ones in the universe – or so Casey thought.

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